The PhD in Christian Entrepreneurship prepares students for Christian service in the marketplace and also making Godly plans and decisions in the business world.

Careers include Entrepreneur, Business educator, Business Investor, CEO, Business Owner

What you'll learn

  1. Identify best practices for individual and corporate spiritual growth and formation.
  2. Understand business strategies in sales and marketing.
  3. Dynamic Leadership for Organizational Effectiveness.
  4. Skills and knowledge needed to effectively serve in the market place.
  5. Advanced Logistics Management
  6. Understand the scriptural basis for the expansion of the Kingdom of God into all areas of the society
  7. Understand Entrepreneurship and Microeconomics.
  8. Apply the biblical principles to overcoming the poverty mindset

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian


Degree program that gives a solid foundation of the student to create and build a flourishing business. Careers include entrepreneur, business educator and business investor.

Total Credit Hours

Doctoral = 60 Credit Hours - $136 per Credit Hour = $8,160

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