The Master of Arts in Organizational Management & Christian Ethics prepares students for effective leadership positions in business, government or non-profit organizations.

Learn how to maintain and manage an organization’s activities and employees in a wide variety of organizational management situations.

Learn to apply the science of psychology and business, using evidence-based practices to innovate, drive results, and manage change in today’s organizations.

Careers include HR Manager, Administrative Manager, CEO, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Business Investor

What you'll learn

  1. Evaluate the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  2. Develop management processes and policies to manage human capital in organizations.
  3. Define and understand strategic planning, financial management, marketing and other areas in which an organizational leader must be knowledgeable in order to be effective. 
  4. Understand Conflict Resolution.
  5. Apply biblical principles to overcoming the poverty mindset.
  6. How to lead healthy organizations.
  7. Analyze common behavioral factors that are present in organization management.

Masters of Arts in Organizational Management & Christian Ethics

Degree program to prepare the student for business management, consulting, administrative and leadership roles within an organization. Careers include agencies, business owners, administrator, manager, CEO, schools, hospitals and organizations.

Total 64 Credit Hours

Masters = 64 Credit Hours - $98 per Credit Hour = $6,272

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